Barry Broad’s Requiem for the Damned is a tale as engrossing as they come of espionage, combat and political warfare in the heart of Africa. It is a nightmare story of latter-day slaves and warlords, Mossad agents and Chinese spies,  Somali pirates and lost tribes, immersed in a fight over the illegal trade in rare metals that today’s high-tech economy runs on. Requiem for the Damned is Barry Broad at his best, full of the same sort of rich characters and fast paced adventure that made his first novel, Eve of Destruction, such a fine read.
—Drew Mendelson, author of the Vietnam War novel, Song Ba To


If "Syriana" and The Sum of All Fears had a lovechild, and that child grew up and started using speed, then Eve of Destruction would result. With portrait-like attention to detail and strange-but-true facts, Broad creates a tense atmosphere that precisely mirrors actual U.S. to Middle East relations and foreign policy. On this backdrop, his words spray gasoline in concentric circles in order to feed the fast-burning and invasive infernos that are Eve of Destruction's plot lines. Eventually all of the individual blazes join together to become one colossal, twisting conflagration of drama and suspense.

Hitting the highest marks in the spy-thriller genre on his first offering at writing a book, Barry Broad has shown that he has had a latent talent for writing. Consuming your attention like a previously neglected child, his book is one that, despite being a light heavyweight in length, zips by so fast that it creates a vacuum behind it as it goes.
—Sacramento Book Review, Sacramento, California

Eve of Destruction is a fully realized and impressive debut. Barry Broad mixes a savvy political hand's eye for detail with a born storyteller's knack for pacing. Taking a scenario of terrifying credibility, Broad keeps building suspense on every page, weaving the strands of a dizzying plot into a compelling thriller of the first order. All smart books should be this entertaining, and all entertaining books this smart.
—David Corbett,
Edgar Award nominated author of Blood of Paradise, Done for a Dime, and The Devil’s Redhead  

Eve of Destruction is a well-researched, authentic and timely thriller that grips the reader from the first page.It is Barry Broad’s first entry in the field and I look forward to an encore.
—Joseph Badal, author of The Pythagorean Solution and Terror Cell

This is a spy thriller set in the present about a set of circumstances that is all too realistic. At the same time that an Iranian-led team of terrorists is plotting to set off a radiation-heavy "dirty bomb" in Los Angeles, a U.S. team is working clandestinely inside Iran to set up what looks like a Chernobyl-style "accident" at a secret nuclear weapons site to discredit and set back the Iranian nuclear program and foment unrest against the government. We're taken through the training and back stories of the various operatives on all sides, and they emerge as reasonably full-bodied characters rather than stick figures in an action plot.

The book is so intricately plotted and credibly researched that it is difficult to believe that this is a first book for the author, a labor lobbyist in Sacramento. Like any number of spy stories, this is a diversion that will hold your attention, but will also be informative for most readers, especially as to just how vulnerable the United States, and particularly its ports, still is after a half-dozen years of bureaucratic "homeland security" efforts.
Alan W. Bock, OC Register

Eve of Destruction is a fast-paced, all-too-real thriller set against the roiling backdrop of Middle East politics.Vivid, relevant, exciting.
—Dennis Palumbo,
author of From Crime to Crime: Mind- Boggling Tales of Mystery and Murder



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